Divorce Support


Will Limón

Will Limón, MSW

Divorce hurts. I know – I’ve been divorced.
Your life turns upside down. It’s hard to know how to cope, who to turn to, what to do after a divorce. No one plans on a marriage ending.

From lost love to lost dreams, the grief and anger can feel overwhelming. However, do what I did, and what I’ve helped thousands of others to do as well: heal by discovering how to deal with it.

The Good News?

Here’s What to Do After a Divorce…

There’s a proven process for recovery after divorce. Since 1978, I’ve helped thousands of people use it to recover. Like a road map through unknown territory, knowing this process will help you know what to do after a divorce and beyond.

Recovering After Divorce

Support and Tools

AfterDivorceSupport.com provides you with the proven rebuilding blocks recovering after divorce and move on to a satisfying new life.

  • Divorce support groups with others recovering after divorce, both in person and online.
  • Individual divorce counseling – in person, by phone, and online.
  • Recovery classesdivorce class: online, teleseminars, and in-person designed around the famous Rebuilding Seminar by Dr. Bruce Fisher. Over 600,000 people worldwide have taken this seminar. His book Rebuilding – When Your Relationship Ends is published in more than 20 languages and has sold over 1,000,000 copies.
  • Specific steps to recovery – the recovery page outlines each essential step of what to do after a divorce, from denial to freedom.
  • Recovery resources – books about divorce, CDs, and DVDs offering insight, inspiration and support, including free samples.