My Story

One of the most important decisions I made after my marriage of 20 years ended in divorce was to take a Rebuilders Seminar.  It proved to be the most important step I took to getting stronger and moving on.  The turning point for me was asking myself the question – “How had I directly contributed to the ending of the marriage – what did or didn’t I say or do?” In asking, and answering, the question I transitioned from being the “victim” to an empowered person who was able to take responsibility. I was able to learn from my mistakes and realized the healing and growth that was necessary to create the life I wanted – regardless whether I ever remarried or not.

This process not only shaped who I am personally but also professionally.  It led me to start a business helping others struggling with the end of a relationship and I based my business on the very seminar I had taken: The 10 Week Rebuilders Seminar.

About Me

I love helping individuals grow, heal and transform through a relationship-ending experience. Relationship-ending is one of the most painful experiences we will go through. Some people recognize the pain to be an impetus to grow, heal and change. Others try the “re-tread” method­ which is to try to use the same beliefs, attitudes and old coping behaviors and simply putting a new face on them.

Today, I am remarried with 4 adult children (2 from my previous marriage and my wife Tara’s, 2 children from her previous marriage.)  Fortunately, Tara and I were able to blend our families in a learn-as-you-go-way and we are now in our 18th year of marriage.  We began facilitating our After Divorce Support 10-Week Rebuilding Seminars soon after arriving in Boulder, CO a decade ago.

 My Training

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology. I have completed two graduate programs: Marriage Family and Child Counseling, and Gerontology. I have had countless years of intensive counseling training and studied extensively in the area of Spirituality and Religion. Additionally, I have formal training in Organizational Consulting and Organizational Change Process and extensive training in group facilitation.

My Work Experience

My career has included working with elderly clients and their families as CEO of a large Retirement Community, co-founder of a Home Health Agency, Facilitator of the formation of Co-Housing Communities, and founder of several businesses. I have had experience as an organizational consultant. I have been involved in leadership roles and an officer on many non-profit boards of directors for over 30 years ­with the primary focus on care, services and housing for low-income elderly, families and children. I have worked with couples and individuals for many years helping them through life transitions.