7 Ways to Improve Your Self-Image During Divorce

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The first struggle which often accompanies stressful times is a poor self-image. Taking care of yourself and beginning every day looking nice is a rare occurrence when you're feeling emotionally shattered. It is only natural that you are going to feel sad and upset. You may have a hard time moving forward. The important thing is that you take care of yourself. Here are 7 ways to jump-start improving your self-image:

Put The Past Behind

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Put The Past Behind! I often hear a client say "I thought I put the past behind me but suddenly I found myself thinking hateful thoughts of my ex!" The reality is that until we truly process the feelings, issues or conflicts that brought about divorce it's difficult to put the past behind. Those [...]

Surviving or Thriving! Your Choice!

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Surviving or Thriving – your choice  Surviving divorce is one of the most difficult, stressful, confusing, chaotic and painful times in life. Getting through the process is challenging and has many ups and downs. Some people go into denial blame shame or they start numbing –using: alcohol, exercise, TV, Facebook, pornography, [...]

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How’s your love life?

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After my divorce people began asking me –“how’s your love life”? What they were asking about –was I dating anyone, had I found a new “love interest”? The love life that matters most –I discovered- is the one inside of me. Was I in a loving relationship with me? As with most people going through [...]

What are We Afraid of When a Relationship Ends?

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Fears of Relationship Ending Relationship ending brings many changes. Many of the changes are unwanted, and can lead to more fears- losing friends, how will my family/neighbors/coworkers/church members etc.- view me now? Some fears you have lived with all your life-some you outgrew. Sometimes we have fears that are dormant when we are in a [...]

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