Executive Divorce Support

Get support from a coach who understands CEOs and executives

After Divorce Support Coaching for Executives is a premier coaching program for executives of companies and other individuals with highly stressful jobs.  Your job requires that you meet quarterly and yearly financial results, and you can’t slow down even when life throws an emotional bombshell life divorce at you. This coaching is designed to help CEOs and other executives manage the stress of a hectic job while also gaining clarity on where to take life next.

Fill out the form here to see if After Divorce Coaching is right for you. Coach Nick will be contacting individuals with questions to see if they are the right fit for his exclusive After Divorce Executive Coaching Program.

Are you an executive currently going through a divorce?  Or do you know an executive currently going through a stressful divorce?

After Divorce Coach Nick is currently signing up executives for his next round of coaching, fill out the form for yourself or your friend to see if Coach Nick can help you or your friend get back on steady ground emotionally. If you qualify, you will be able to meet with Nick. In this coaching, you will gain emotional clarity now and develop an emotional foundation that will last for the rest of your future. Nick understands that your stressful job means that you don’t have time to slack off at work even when you are going through stress.  He has helped countless CEOs achieve emotional rejuvenation after the incredible shock of a divorce.


“I run a $200 million company.  When my marriage ended, I went into an emotional tailspin.  Divorce eliminated my idea of the perfect future. I could not be as successful as I am today without Nick’s support and coaching.  He helped me get through the worst parts of divorce.” – CEO, Advertising Agency

“When my wife had an affair, it devastated me.  I never realized how lonely she was with my working all the time.  In the divorce, failure, shame, fear, loss, confusion were all part of what I had to deal with.  Without Nick, I would have lost my company.  He helped me gain perspective, understanding, and clarity.” – Owner, Manufacturing Company

“I was fortunate to become successful at a young age and I love my work.  When my marriage fell apart, a lot of other life factors came into perspective.  I had to learn how to raise my children by myself.  Nick’s business acumen and personal experience with divorce made him well equipped to support me through my life post-divorce.” – Principal, Large REIT in the Midwest

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For executives, 90% of the time, they are not the person filing for divorce.  For this reason, they can be in complete shock when their spouse wants a divorce.  Divorce coaching aims to help high-performing executives overcome the shock of divorce, regain clarity in life, and ultimately succeed in life’s next endeavors.

CEOs and other leaders at companies think that if they work hard and make a bunch of money then everything else in life would fall into place. They believe their spouse will be happy, and their kids will be happy too so long as the CEO brings in enough money.  Divorce shatters this false expectation of happiness.

After-Divorce Coaching is aimed at helping any executive or high net worth individual see that there is plenty of opportunity for happiness and fulfillment even after a divorce.

An executive going through a divorce is most likely working 60 hours to 80 hours per week.   But when a divorce hits, it can blindside them. There is a lot of illusion that an executive did not realize they were living inside of their busy and stressful life.  After-divorce coaching for executives helps any CEO or high-performing individual understand the truth about who they are and what they did to get a divorce.  Coaching is a multi-step rebuilding process that will help an executive gain clarity on the next steps of life.