High Net Worth Divorce Support

After-divorce coaching for high net worth clients

If you are going through a divorce, your world has completely turned upside down. Coach Nick can help you gain clarity on where you want to take your life. Nick will simultaneously help you succeed at work during this incredibly stressful point in life.

Fill out the form to see if you qualify for an exclusive after divorce coaching program. This is specifically designed to help high net worth clients cope with the stress of a divorce.

Are you currently going through a divorce?  Or do you know someone currently going through a stressful divorce who could benefit from this?

After-Divorce Coach Nick has helped many wealthy individuals gain emotional stability after a divorce blindsided them.  He has helped do the same thing for many individuals going through what you may be going through right now.  You are not alone and help is available.

“I run a $200 million company.  When my marriage ended, I went into an emotional tailspin.  Divorce eliminated my idea of the perfect future. I could not be as successful as I am today without Nick’s support and coaching.  He helped me get through the worst parts of divorce.” – CEO, Advertising Agency

“When my wife had an affair, it devastated me.  I never realized how lonely she was with my working all the time.  In the divorce, failure, shame, fear, loss, confusion were all part of what I had to deal with.  Without Nick, I would have lost my company.  He helped me gain perspective, understanding, and clarity.” – Owner, Manufacturing Company

“I was fortunate to become successful at a young age and I love my work.  When my marriage fell apart, a lot of other life factors came into perspective.  I had to learn how to raise my children by myself.  Nick’s business acumen and personal experience with divorce made him well equipped to support me through my life post-divorce.” – Principal, Large REIT in the Midwest

Additional Information

After-Divorce Coaching is aimed at helping any high net worth individual or executive see that there is plenty of opportunity for happiness and fulfillment even after the stress of a divorce.

Wealth can add complexity and stress to a divorce. After-divorce coaching for the wealthy helps any individual understand the truth about who they are and what they did to get a divorce. After-divorce coaching for the wealthy helps any individual understand the truth about who they are and what they did to get a divorce.  Coaching is a multi-step rebuilding process that will help an adult gain clarity on the next steps of life.

All the aspects of a high net worth lifestyle can look good on the outside.  But without an emotional foundation, people at the top can realize that they feel empty inside.  After divorce coaching, by Nick Meima, can help fill that emptiness by showing his clients where they can grow in life.

Divorce coaching aims to help people overcome the shock of divorce, regain clarity in life, and ultimately succeed in life’s next endeavors.