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The Rebuilding Seminar gave me a new lease on life. When I started the class I was depressed and did not see a path of hopefulness. Now I can see how I created patterns in the past that worked against my efforts to create happiness.
One of the main things I learned is how to create friendships to are mutual, healthy and supportive. I created several friendships in class that are among the best that I have ever had.
Thanks to Nick and Tara for excellent teaching and being able to “hold” the emotions that are part of a relationship ending.
When I came into the Seminar I was extremely angry. In dealing with the topics of anger and grief during several of the classes I was able to get relief from being stuck in anger –and I didn’t realize how part of my “stuckness” was related to not wanting to feel my grief about the loss of the relationship and the future I had envisioned with my ex. T.
The clarity of the teaching helped me see how much of my thinking was rooted in being the victim in the ending of the marriage. So now I can create an authentic life , not being dependent on someone else to love me. It all begins with me. My fellow classmates helped me to feel that I was not alone in the process of healing, and along with the Facilitators and volunteers we were able to support each other –which really felt good.
I had no idea that I was responsible for 100% of 50% of the relationship. That was a relief to come to know. My ex was always blaming me for everything. No matter what it was supposedly my fault. And I learned a lot about what led me to choose him as partner in the first place. The Rebuilding Seminar gave me new tools, new perspectives, new friends, and a lot of ongoing support. I am looking forward to being able to socialize with other Rebuilding graduates. My personal session with Tara, helped me put to rest some of the beliefs that I had been holding on to. One of the best things I could have done for myself in this very difficult transition.
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